Eco Alkaline Batteries

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Current Prices are:

4 Pack AAA – $5.20

4 Pack AA – $5.20

1 Pack 9V – $5.20

2 Pack C – $6.10

2 Pack D – $7.80

More Interest  = Better Prices

Eco Alkaline Batteries

Eco Alkalines™ are high performing batteries that contain
0% lead, 0% cadmium and 0% mercury.

Eco Alkalines™ are high performing batteries – both​ the ​b​attery and the ​p​ackaging are up to 98% recyclable dependent upon recycling programmes available in your country of purchase.

Unlike all other leading batteries, Eco Alkalines™ contain absolutely NO toxic heavy metals like Cadmium, Lead or Mercury and are therefore safe to go into household waste, although we recommend recycling them wherever possible. To locate your nearest recycling drop-off point please visit simply search by your State, Suburb and/or Postcode.

Eco Alkalines™ are the first battery to receive carboNZeroCert™ certification in New Zealand and Australia. They are also the only battery to be certified by Carbonfund.organd NSF Sustainability as 100% carbon neutral in North America.

View Carbon Offset Certificate.

We are committed to being the most environmentally conscious disposable alkaline battery.

Eco Alkalines™ batteries are considered eco-responsible because:

  • They are a carboNZero certified product. Every purchase contributes to verified carbon offset projects.
  • They contain no trace amounts of Mercury, Cadmium or Lead.
  • They are safe to dispose of in household waste.
  • They use recyclable packaging.

How do our standards exceed other “eco-friendly” batteries?

Eco Alkalines™ contain absolutely no toxic heavy metals like Cadmium, Lead or Mercury and are therefore safe to dispose of in household waste, although we recommend recycling them when and where possible.

While other battery manufacturers claim they have ‘No Mercury Added‘, we find this just isn’t good enough.

The Range

the range

AA, AAA, C, D and 9V

eco friendly and performance

performance + eco friendly

LEI Electronics Inc meets the requirements of carboNZeroCertTMproduct certification having measured the cradle to grave life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of its selected battery product in accordance with PAS 2050:2011, committed to managing and reducing the emissions intensity of the product and neutralised the remaining unavoidable emissions through the cancellation of an appropriate number of verified carbon credits in respect of the Eco Alkalines™ battery product range sold in Australia and New Zealand.


Eco Alkalines™ batteries are digital quality batteries. With the increasing power demands of everyday household devices, digital quality batteries are a necessary and popular choice for consumers. Digital devices such as digital cameras, wireless computer mice and wireless toys function best with digital alkaline batteries.

Our batteries use improved alkaline technology that delivers performance that’s eco responsible. They’ve been independently tested and shown to be just as powerful and last just as long, and in some cases longer than other leading alkaline battery brands.

As an added bonus, they also have a special leak resistant seal that prevents battery leaks in your appliances or devices when used correctly.

Our batteries are guaranteed 5 years 100% shelf life and are date stamped on each cell. That said, after 10 years our batteries will retain 75% of its life.

So now you get all the performance of a long-lasting alkaline battery, with a long shelf life and none of the environmental impact.

Independent Battery Test

Eco Alkaline™ vs. National Brands

AA Alkalines Tested

3rd Party Testing by Intertek Testing Labs

Graph of Eco Alkaline™ vs. National BrandsIndependent testing, shown above, revealed Eco Alkaline™ batteries outperformed some leading alkaline battery brands.

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