Batteries – Free Collection within Brisbane / Gold Coast Area

The Following Batteries are being sent to Landfill by the Millions:

  • Household / Single Use

  • Boat

  • Car

  • Truck

  • Mobile Phone

  • Laptop / Tablet

  • Torch

  • Power Tool

Batteries can leach toxic chemicals (such as cadmium, lead or mercury) into the ground, contaminating soil and water. If groundwater is contaminated, it carries the contaminants with it as it moves.

Nickel is toxic in high doses but the cadmium in rechargeable batteries is one of the most dangerous substances.

According to the World Health Organisation, cadmium has toxic effects on the kidneys, the skeletal system and the respiratory system. It is classified as a human carcinogen.

Help Stop this by Recycling as much as possible and stop it going to Landfill. If we all do a little bit a big difference can be achieved.

I offer a free collection service within the Brisbane / Gold Coast Area.

Please click on the below link to see other items I Recycle.


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