Computer Repairs or Health Check – $40 Limited Time Only

Computer Repairs or Computer Health Check – $40  Limited Time Only

  • Is your Computer Running slow?
  • Keeps crashing for no Reason?
  • Software on there that you don’t need or use or know how it got there?

For $40 we will :

  • Check your computer for Software and Hardware Issues (Including Viruses)

If we can’t fix it within 45 minutes we will:

  • Quote you for Hardware required to fix it
  • Quote you to fix Software Issues.


This is not about getting you in and  Extracting more money from you!

This is about offering a Fair Price for a Fair Service. 

I operate a Recycle Program and I see a lot of items that are still in good working order and have been discarded due to Costly Repairs or cheaper to buy a new printer because of the ink being too expensive.

We all live in homes but all our homes live in one place – EARTH. We need to stop Sending  Electronic Junk to Landfill as we will all end up having no place to call Home!


  • The Showroom is located in Underwood QLD 4119 – You must be able to bring the Computer to us. If we come to you then there will be a fee of $20 – $50 payable plus the  $40 Computer Repairs or Health Check Offer.
  • Booking Essential
  • This Offer is for Computers, Laptops and Printers Only





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