Easy touch-ups to upgrade your backyard this summer

Easy touch-ups to upgrade your backyard this summer

  • Bernardo Meyer

Here at AussieBulk we are always trying to find new ways and items that can help us enjoy our homes without going through major renovations or risk breaking the bank.

Now that all our hopes for a week's holiday in Bali are postponed until further notice, we went above and beyond to reinvent our own homes and make sure we have the best setup to enjoy our time. 

Simple things our team at Aussiebulk did to upgrade our backyard and improve our time spent  at home:


Added an Above Ground Swimming Pool to the Backyard

above ground swimming pool with inflatable flamingo


We always thought about renovating and adding a pool to the backyard, but the thought of such an investment and maintenance costs, even during winter time when its usage is limited, refrained us from doing so. But every summer that decision came back to haunt us, with some special contribution from the kids.

This year encouraged by the number of sales of above ground swimming pools in the store we've decided to get one for us and try it out. 

Needless to say that the fun started from the moment it arrived. As soon as I brought the package inside and opened it, realising I was being watched by the kids (it's been a while since I've seem them so curious and excited about something i bought), who couldn't help themselves and were all over it.

After that, I quickly enlisted them for help and we completed the setup in less than 30 minutes, with a lot of laughter and good moments in the process. The steel frame and PVC/Polyester are very light and easy to assemble.

Later on the day we went for the first swim to "inaugurate" our pool and try out the inflatable unicorn float, so fun.


Put up an Outdoor Dining Area

It was so pleasant the time out in our backyard, that we spontaneously started having casual lunches and sometimes even dinner outdoors, but I need to confess that it could be a real challenge to have everything laid out in improvised tables and beach chairs, even more when you add a couple of kids running around and jumping in and out of the pool to the equation.

It didn't take long until the first wine glasses and a jug (one of my favourites) met a terrible fate, turning our recently favourite space into a potential hazard due to the pieces of glass, luckily no one got hurt and we were able to clean it properly.

That's when we decided to look for some proper outdoor furniture and found this lovely outdoor dining set, that would work perfectly for the family meals and  time outside, but also a good addition for hosting family and friends on special occasions. 

Because sometimes the sun tends to get in the way we are considering acquiring an outdoor umbrella, but with so many options out there, we are yet to decide on one, but we are keeping an eye to see if we can find one and a good sun lounge to match. This way our own private backyard club (as we like to call it) will be complete.


Decorated the garden with Solar Led Torch Lights

Another great addition was adding some torch lights to the garden. With our family spending more time outside during these warmer months, it was delightful when we found the garden LED torch lights to enhance the atmosphere.

These are pretty cool LED "torch" lights, in other words, sun powered lights that emulate flames, ideal to decorate your backyard and/or illuminate pathway, and because they rely on solar power, there's no risk of any surprises in our electricity bill.


What if I live in an apartment and/or don't have a backyard?

In this case, tour recommendation and solution is to gear up with a nice picnic basket, a blanket and go to your favourite park for some quality time outdoors, either with the whole family, by yourself and a good book, or with that special one. But always remember to check the weather forecast in advance, wear sunscreen if out in the open, and to pick up the rubbish to the nearest bin on your way out.


These are just some of the simple things you could do to give that backyard a new look and enjoy even more the time spent at home with your loved ones. Thank you for reading and stay safe out there.

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