Creating a Positive Work Environment - Can You Spot Negative Work Behaviours?

Creating a Positive Work Environment - Can You Spot Negative Work Behaviours?

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Can You Spot Negative Work Behaviours?

Cover ups. Irresponsibility. Command and control. Can of worms. Drama.

Do some of these words describe your workplace? Ever experienced that negative feeling overcome you as you come to work not only to do your job but brace for whatever crazy new (and old) thing comes your way? Maybe corporate have their own ideas about how you should be working? 

Then you might be part of a 'negative' workplace; though a workplace may have its ups and down one that has a pervasive feeling of dread, anxiety, and general frustration throughout the organisation, work practices, and even the people you work with can be called a 'negative' workplace. Usually this comes from the top but it can be from other sources.

No matter the source the results look the same no matter what size organization, company, or venture; even a reputable name isn't protection against a negative workplace. From stress, frustration, low morale, and aggression to paranoia, delusional, unethical and even sabotage a negative workplace chips away at a persons integrity and dignity making them less wanting to be at work.

So how do you prevent this from happening? There are a few ways to alleviate situations at work including not being part of the rumor mill, asking the hard questions,, and learning about conflict management.

But if your current workplace is beyond helping then leaving the place as fast as possible.



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