The Perfect Winter Pillow 2018

The Perfect Winter Pillow 2018

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Is your pillow a bit on the flat side?

Is it lop-sided on one side and too much on the other?

Wondered what a 'cool gel memory foam' pillow is?

Ever been woken up because of your pillow?

In this blog post you will learn just how many types of pillow filling are there, sleeping positions, and maintenance of the objects that keep your head supported during the all-time important task of sleep!

Or just laying there.

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Pillows are Your Friend


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And they have tendencies!

No they don't, but your relationship with the pillow is affected by you as well as much as them. How you sleep is one part of this bond and can affect your quality of sleep and the condition and longevity of your partner.

So part 1 of this blog entry will be on your sleep position.

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Your Sleep Positioning and its Effects

What happens when you sleep on your right side but flop on your back in the morning?

Why is it that the natural curve of your spine is important if you're a back sleeper

Is sleeping on your back really bad for you?


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There are three main way of sleeping: on your back, on your side, and on your stomach. Depending on variables such as health, diet, and sleeping patterns you could make existing pains much worse than what they have to be like neck, back, or other seemingly not related pains in your body.

But with a few adjustments you can improve your quality of sleep and maybe help soreness experienced during the day to day.

As always if you have concerns about your pains and anything else please visit your doctor or G.P.

And also:

“Your body likes variety,” says Andrew Bang, DC. “For example, if you doze off while you’re on your back, you can switch from one side to the other during the night.”

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On the Side

Sleeping on Your Side

Say your natural sleeping posture is on your side: is there any good that comes out of this arbitrary thing?


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To The Left, To the Left

For one you are part of the majority as it is the most common way of getting your Z's. But make sure you lie on your left side as your gastric juices in your stomach can sit well and not go through your esophagus if you were on your right side. Though if you currently sleep on your right and not experience this then you don't have to worry.

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Looking at the picture above you can see how your gastric juices are affected by your sleeping position.

Sleeping on your left side also brings benefits including reducing acid reflux & heartburn, helps digestion, circulation, and the drainage of toxins from the lymph nodes, and assists your brain filtering out waste.

But to all things good there are bad.

Constantly sleeping on your left (or either side for that matter) may place pressure on the stomach and lungs so periodically go left to right and vice versa. Also, if you sleep on your arm you have probably experienced the numbness of it. And lastly the shoulder is put under pressure so if you have any injuries or your shoulder is sore don't lie on that side.

Next is sleeping on your stomach.

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The Stomach is Where the Heart of a Man is


While comfortable for some the one-leg up while lying on your stomach can lead to torquing your lower back and hips. 

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While an actual sleeping position this doesn't help much besides easing your snoring. What it does have a lot of are the cons! If you have back problems then sleeping on your gut makes them worse since it straightens the natural curvature of the spine; it also extends your neck backward which compresses your spine It also strains your neck as your head is constantly turned to one side all night.

So if you are a born stomach-sleeper then what you can do is to place a pillow under your hips so that your lower spine is lifted.


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Do You Have Your Back?


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With sleeping on your back Mother Nature helps your tired and aching body through the awesome power of Gravity! With your body centered with gravity the spine takes less punishment than if it were on your side or your stomach as those positions put your spine in unnatural positions. For those concerned with their facial wrinkles sleeping without your face mushed onto a pillow will help with that.

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But, if you have sleep apnea sleeping on your back makes it worse. Plus your tongue falls into the airway blocking airway and creating worse snores.


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