TPG to Enter the Mobile War?

TPG to Enter the Mobile War?

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TPG to Enter the Mobile War?

Mobile phones. It was not even 10 years ago when they became the crux for many a workers constant work notifications or the midnight-to-morning conversations allowed to teenagers. With its place in society and lives a all-time high those who controlled how much your plan/ phone would cost and how much value you got out of it let the money come in hard and fast. 

Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone have had for the longest time held their positions at the top; even though they lease out their networks to smaller players like Amaysim, Boost, Aldi Mobile etc. they still control what can and can't happen.

Up until now. TPG has already started building its own network in Melbourne and Sydney. Planning to spend $1.8 billion and reach 80% of the population - not in the outback where Telstra reigns supreme but rather in the metro and city markets where their owned big fibre networks are already in place.

Timing is also something to be said - with the arrival (and negative reception) of the NBN many will have to reconsider their current home phone and internet plans and whoever can deal out the best deal then they will take in new and disgruntled customers from other service providers.


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