Your Next Holiday Destination: Fraser Island

Your Next Holiday Destination: Fraser Island

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Giant and ancient rainforests. Magnificent freshwater lakes. Instagram-worthy sand formations.

Welcome to Fraser Island.

Listed as a World Heritage site Fraser Island offers something for everyone whether its fishing on beautiful beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, tours and cruises that let you take in the raw beauty of the island, or even rent your own 4x4 and explore according to your whims.

On the Fraser Coast fishing is one of the experiences that shine. Rivers, creeks, foreshores, and rock groynes provide the angler opportunities for the perfect holiday destination, with the northern warm and cooler southern ocean currents meeting providing double the species of fish.

Or maybe you'd want to go on a relaxing, award-winning tour? From custom and group guided tours promising personalized professional service from the comfort of either bus or hummers, delicious morning, gourmet picnic hampers for lunch, and special afternoon tea with chocolates, strawberries and champagne.


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